The Divinity of Jesus Christ


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Have you ever had a Trinitarian question your belief in the divinity of Christ? If so, it was likely for the following reason: You’ve dared to accept Jesus Christ as the literal Son of God, begotten in eternity past. Why would this disqualify you as believing in the divinity of Christ? Because of the faulty definition of divinity held by most all Trinitarians. That is, to insist that divinity requires an eternal past existence.

We will be examining a similar issue in this booklet. Some insist that Jesus was not significantly restricted in regard to His omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence during the incarnation. They would also say that, if Christ did not have active use of these abilities while here on earth, then He would have ceased to be divine. The definition of divinity will become important as to how we view our fully divine, fully human Saviour.

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