Questions On the Sealing Message


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The presentation of the following pages to our people, I deem to be in harmony with what is stated in “Testimonies for the Church,” volume 7, page 288: “As those who have spent their lives in the service of God draw near the close of their earthly history, they will be impressed by the Holy Spirit to recount the experience they have had in connection with His work. The record of His wonderful dealings with His people,” etc.

I presented the substance of this tract in two discourses on the Stockton camp ground. Those who heard the discourses, requested that it might be published, so that they could have the reading of it. As the subject is one on which there is some controversy, I thought our publishers would not wish to print the matter in their papers, or take the responsibility of publishing it in any form. So I have decided to bring it out as a small book, to be obtained through the mail, from the author. I first thought I might get it into a five-cent pamphlet; but since revising for print, and enlarging, I find that five cents would not pay the expense of printing and postage. So I have placed the price at ten cents, with the promise to the Lord that all that may accrue from sales, after tithing, shall be divided between Eastern city work and foreign missions. May the Lord make the reading of the book a blessing, even as the searching out the copy for the same, in the past few months, has been to the author,

J. N. Loughborough.
Lodi, California, July 1, 1916.

28 pages

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