The doctrine of the Trinity, a controverted topic that has become a discussion in the past several years, particularly among Seventh-day Adventists. Is it Biblical and was it always part of the Seventh-day Adventist church? How is it that one God can be three and is Jesus Christ the Son of God or is this a role that Christ took upon himself for the plan of salvation? These are questions, among many others, that many are studying and trying to understand today. The goal of this short presentation is to allow the Seventh-day Adventist pioneers to speak for themselves to see what it is that they had to say with respect to the doctrine of the Trinity and the identity of God.

02:10 – John Nevins Andrews
06:11 – James White
09:14 – Joseph Bates
13:17 – J.N. Loughborough
17:08 – J.H. Waggoner
21:13 – Uriah Smith

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