In this last night of the 5 day series on prophecy we come to the moment all the previous 4 nights have been laying the ground work for. Who is the King of the North identified in Bible Prophecy. Continuing to use the methods of Historical prophetic interpretation we can see a clear line leading to one power who is seated there today. The power that resides in a certain territory is identified as the King of the North in Daniel 11. Unless something should dramatically change in the world, it is clear today from the Bible who that power is and what religious identity they take. The dramatic change that would be needed is a whole different nation and religion in control of the area we will be covering in this study, but right now as it stands, we can know today who is the King of the North and where the territory where they will reside. All the world is on notice and a warning is to be sounded. It is my sincere prayer you will be blessed and convicted by this historical understanding of Bible Prophecy!

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