The Great Controversy – a conflict existing between two parties that became at odds with one other. This term has become very popular, specifically among Seventh-day Adventists, because it was adopted as the title of the highest selling book that the church has ever published. But have we as a people properly understood all the reasons for the existence of this controversy? There seems to be a lack of understanding about one of the major issues associated with the beginning of this battle that originated in heaven, yet this very issue played a major part in the dividing of heaven itself. It is interesting to note that one of the original titles of the book “The Great Controversy ” written by Ellen White was called “The Great Controversy between Christ and Satan”. This title, in itself, gives us the answer as to who the two parties behind this controversy are, but the question still remains – why? Why was there, and why is there still, a controversy specifically between Christ and Satan? Jesus came only to protect humanity, or was this struggle already stopped before the fall of man and what do we find in the Bible and the writings of Ellen White with respect to the answer to this important question.

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