Elihu on the Sabbath


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Elihu on the Sabbath was an influential religious tract with the intention to persuade the reader that the Sabbath commandment in the Decalogue was still valid and that the day that was to be kept was Saturday and not Sunday. It was written by Benjamin Clark, but he preferred to publish it under the pseudonym Elihu, a reference to Elihu in the book of Job, the man who had the answers. The tract was published in great numbers by the early Seventh-day Adventist Church and it remained popular in that church for quite some time.

“Now, the Scriptures are able to make one wise unto salvation, through faith in Jesus Christ, then why need I stop to examine all the various doctrines of popes, councils, and fathers, when in searching I should find pope against pope, council against council, and fathers against fathers? This would be like two companies fighting at great distance, with small arms. But if we wish to come to close action, let us take the armor of truth, which will most assuredly prevail; and the closer the action, the sooner the victory will be won on the side of truth. Now, my dear reader, if you will take the Scriptures and search them as above requested, then you will find the following valuable treasures of knowledge among the many therein contained.”

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