A Call to the Churches


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When I first began reading this message, I knew it was inspired of God. The article you are about to read is a wake-up call for God’s remnant people, a timely warning, and a heart-warming entreaty. Arriving in America with a family of refugees, who by following the clear voice of God were saved and miraculously delivered from certain death, the author, Boris Sorokovsky, tells how lukewarm faith and formal religion can become an even more deadly peril than the tyranny of communist oppression. With our own cherished land of freedom now threatened, and the religious liberty we have taken for granted rapidly being curtailed, we too must heed this call of God to a revival of primitive godliness, to a recommitment for service, and a seeking of the Holy Spirit’s power to warm and stir our hearts. Unless we are delivered soon from worldliness, from materialism, and from complacency, this church may go the way of many others. May God help us to heed this urgent appeal. —Richard A. Hansen, M.D.

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